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Ilgar Talibov began painting nearly as soon as he could hold a brush. Winning his first art contest at age seven, Talibov continued to explore his own creative talents as he grew with age, eventually becoming a graphic designer and art director.

Enthralled by the work of Cubists and Italian Futurist painters, Talibov considers his work to be a hybrid form he terms “Fubism.” Though he was born at the tail end of the twentieth century, one could easily imagine Talibov at home with Picasso and Braque nearly a century earlier. On occasion he does break from tradition, encapsulating his imagery in circles and hexagons, leaving the rest of the canvas white, a blank space that isolates his paintings and seems to put them under a microscope. The process is one, he says, of transcendence to “imaginative dimensions.”

Baku, the Azerbaijani capital where Ilgar Talibov was born and raised, sits on the Absheron Peninsula in the Caspian sea, an ancient trading post city at the crossroads of Europe, Russia, and Iran. It was this environment of shared culture and ideas that fostered Talibov’s creative spirit.

I love art because it does not have any borders and it speaks to all. A fascination with geometric shapes and color has always been at the core of my work. Gradient coloring and manipulating shapes is ever-present throughout my portfolio. Cubism and Italian Futurism are genres that inspire my work. A hybrid form of Futuristic-Cubism (Fubism) comes out in my paintings. It creates a unique dynamic. I paint when I feel inspired, that is why each of my paintings has spots of good and bad feeling. My paintings transform a lot during the process. 

Artist Statement

2001 – Art & Sport | Watercolor, gouache, drawings and collage | Sanat Art Gallery | Baku, Azerbaijan
2006 – Reality, Imagination, Fantasy | Painting, photography and digital art | Giz Galasi Art Gallery | Baku, Azerbaijan

Solo Exhibitions

1998 – Traffic Rules | BP | Baku, Azerbaijan
1999 – Me & My city | International Traveling Exhibition | Raf Line | Baku, Azerbaijan
1999 – World of Pushkin exhibition | Moscow, Russia
2000 – International Ataturk Children’s exhibition | Ankara, Turkey
2001 – International art exhibition | Tehran, Iran
2002 – The Child & The Dog | International Artistic Contest for Children and Youth exhibition | Czestochowa, Poland
2005 – Share the World | International Young Learners’ Art Competition | British Council | London, UK (award)
2006 – View from the window, International Young Learners’ Art Competition, British Council, London, UK (award)
2009 – International Heritage Photographic Experience, Museo d’Historia de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
2009 – Black and white, The Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
2009 – Alluminium, 4th International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Palace of the Shirvanshahs, Baku, Azerbaijan
2009 – Lyrical landscape, the 100th anniversary of Sattar Bahlulzade, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, Azerbaijan
2009 – Traditions and Modernity, international juried photography exhibition named after Muslim Eldarov, The Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
2010 – Both worlds can fit within me, internet contest of the CIS young artists, Baku, Azerbaijan
2010 – Group exhibition of Young Artists, Union of Artists Exhibition Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan
2015 – Emerging Visions, Agora Gallery, New York, NY
2016 – Conception Global Art Collective, M1 Lounge, New York, NY
2017 – Tribeca Community on Display, 60 Hudson, New York, NY
2017 – The Other Art Fair, Saatchi Art, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibitions

1999 – Calendar 1999 (BP), Baku, Azerbaijan
2000 – “Azerbaijan International” magazine, Baku, Azerbaijan
2002 – Calendar 2002 (UNFPA), USA
2003 – Book - “Azerbaijan Youth is Future of Azerbaijan” (The Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Youth and Sport)
2003 – Book – “Leave no child out” (UNICEF, British Embassy in Azerbaijan), Baku, Azerbaijan
2004 – New Year Card (BOS Shelf LLC), Baku, Azerbaijan
2006 – Calendar 2006 (British Council), London, Great Britain
2007 – Anthology of the painters of Azerbaijan
2008 – Brochure cover, Beyond Religious Differences International Conference
2016 – Inspiration: International Art Book Vol. 4, Contemporary Masters Collection (London, UK)